Students Mentored

  • Syeda Moshin: BS Physics/ BS Mechanical Engineering, St. Mary’s 2018
    Drone Sensing to Determine Locomotion Regime of a Dynamic Legged Quadruped
  • Tan Arin: BS Computer Science, FSU 2017-2018
    Simulation Environment for Skid-Steered Robots
  • Morgan Timmerman: BS Biological Engineering, FSU 2017-2018
    Sound Based Robot Localization
  • Melissa Ma: BS Computer Science, FSU 2017-2018
    Computer Vision for a Running Legged Robot
  • Elizabeth Baum: BS Electrical Engineering, REU student from University of Toledo, 2017
    Sound Identification for Fire-Fighting Mobile Robots
  • Justin Larson: BS Mechanical Engineering, FSU 2017-2018
    Experimental Design of a Legged Robot
  • Gwen Loffman: BS Scientific Computing, FSU 2017-2018
    Software Architecture for Motion Planning Algorithms