About Me

mario_atlasHello, my name is Mario Harper.

I am a programmer, mathematician, researcher and most importantly, a father of three little girls.

My professional interests are in algorithms, financial analysis, robotics, machine learning, high speed/performance computing, and deep learning.

As an avid developer of robot intelligence algorithms, I have published papers in novel controls techniques coupled with modern machine learning and deep learning paradigms. Much of this work has been demonstrated on highly dynamic experimental robots.

I always enjoy looking after and mentoring new students and researchers. As an instructor, I am happiest when students understand new material and I try to work hard to make courses more enjoyable.

I have conducted research projects with the Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance (RCTA), Army Research Lab, Naval Surface Warfare, the DOE and the medical school at FSU. I also built and tested new algorithms to help people optimally secure credit at Progressive Leasing. Presently, I am a Research Professor in the Utah State University Computer Science Department.